The Story Trap

story trap cover

Book 1 of “The Sisters”

Genre: Contemporary fantasy
Length: 40 000 words (167 pages)

Book Description:

One girl’s death might save the ocean. But can her sisters let her die?

Rebecca never expected to meet a witch, least of all in a second-hand bookshop in Mowbray. Surely she has nothing to fear from an old woman holding a box of books? She boards a crowded train to Cape Town, and settles in to read her book. When she looks up again the carriage is empty. Outside the window is a city she has never seen before. Impossible buildings stretch up towards an unknown sky.

Rebecca’s sisters, Pippa and Anmarie, receive a call from a stranger: Rebecca has collapsed on a train and is deep in an unexplained coma. They are confronted by a frightening mystery. Her body might be in the hospital bed, but where is Rebecca?

Somewhere an old woman sits by the ocean, watching and waiting. She can hardly bear to see the plastic pollution that fouls the water but it won’t be long now. Her trap is sprung, her plan is in motion. Soon the sea will be clean again.

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