The Broken Path

story trap cover

Book 2 of “The Sisters”

Genre: Contemporary fantasy
Length: 50 000 words (245 pages)

Book Description:

What if a story came to life?  If the characters stepped off the page and into our world?

Rebecca has recovered from the coma but she still longs for the places she saw and the people she met in the coma-dream. Writing helps her bear her loneliness, but things get out of control when the characters from her stories come tolife in the streets of Cape Town.  And Miss Mouse, the Antelope Girls, Hyena and the rest don't exactly blend in with the crowd.

Cape Town in winter is a harsh place to be homeless. Esther, the witch who tried to kill Rebecca, is still at large. Rebecca has to keep her people safe until she finds a way to get them back into their story. She turns to her sisters for help but finds that they have secrets of their own. And Rebecca's gun-packing neighbour is getting far too interested in her strange visitors.


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